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Delivery of goods

The online store delivers any goods to your home using a courier service in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). Standard delivery time is 1-3 business days. For orders outside the Baltic States, standard delivery terms do not apply and are negotiated separately!

Courier delivery cost to your home

The cost of delivery of goods from our store on weekdays is 7.26 euros (with VAT) for orders less than 50 euros (with VAT). Orders over 50 euros (including VAT) are delivered free of charge!

Time of delivery

The delivery time is agreed with the manager, who will definitely contact you immediately after you place your order. The orders are delivered to the clients on a pre-planned route, so there is no way to choose the exact time of delivery. You can select only the most suitable delivery time interval.

ATTENTION! Incorrect phone number, inaccurate or incomplete address may result in additional delay! Please carefully check your personal data when registering and placing an order. The confidentiality of your registration data is guaranteed.

Delivery is carried out on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, however, there is no delivery on Saturday and Sunday. Items you order on Saturday and Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday. Delivery time depends on the time of placing the order and the availability of the goods in the warehouse:

● If the order is confirmed by manager before 12:00, the goods can be delivered on the next working day between 9:00 and 18:00;

● If the order is confirmed by the manager after 12:00, the goods can be delivered on the day after next working day between 9:00 and 18:00.

You can also specify any other business day that is convenient for you, and the purchase will be delivered on that day.

Delivery location

Delivery is carried out to the address indicated when placing the order. If you need to deliver the goods to a different address, the address must be reported to the manager, who will contact you after ordering online.

Receiving the order

Upon delivery, you will be given a packing list. You need to sign a document confirming the delivery (P. O. D.), which will be given to you by the courier. When making a purchase through the online store, invoices will be sent to you at the specified email address. According to the terms of our online store, these documents do not need to be signed and are considered valid from the date of receipt to the specified address. The delivery cost is allocated in the purchase documents as a separate line.

Please remember that you should check all technical parameters and consumer properties of the purchased product with our manager before purchasing the product. It is not the responsibility of the Delivery Service employees to provide advice and comments on the consumer properties of the product. If you need to install the purchased product, please let the manager know what you want. When receiving the ordered product, check the visual integrity of the packaging. Claims concerning completeness, performance, compliance with the description on our website, mechanical damage to the delivered goods are accepted on the basis of clause 7 of the general rules. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by phone: +371 29363264 or email info@hermestt.lv

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